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Ward International was founded by Dr. Chris L. Ward an ordained minister and Hall of Fame ex-football player.  After working as an ordained elder in a traditional international religious organization for seven years, Dr. Ward saw a tremendous need placed on our society by the dissimilation of the family structure. Apostle Ward sought a solution to the overwhelming problem created by a lack of moral character and traditional family values.  Ward International is a secular after school program that targets at risk youth and assist them with the day-to-day task of becoming morally conscience ,viable and competent members of our society by using bible ethics.
     Our organization was established in 1998 and is serving the greater southern California area and more specifically headquartered in the Inglewood, California community.  Recently we were honored by Los Angeles City Commissioner Janice Hahn, Mayor Roosevelt Dorn and the entire city council of Inglewood, California and Superintendent Pamela Powel of Inglewood Unified School District with a placard of distinction for our community service and continued dedication.  We endeavor to continue to be excellent in our service to the youth of southern California and the world. We continue to honor our ongoing partnership with the Inglewood Unified School District and the city of Inglewood as well as the greater Los Angeles south bay area. Our participation with Hillcrest High School and Dr. Edward Brownlee as an afterschool mentoring program helped him to achieve a one-year 200 point increase in school test scores and catapulted him to a national principal of the year nominee. Our international outreaches have taken us to the Caribbean, Africa, Mexico, and Asia.  We have personally trained or mentored young people in Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, and Nevada.  It is our belief that through mentoring and direct contact over 1,000,000 lives have been positively effected.  In addition, our international radio and television outreach is affording us the opportunity to reach millions more.